Shopping Giant

Why this site? Who is it for? It's for shoppers, employees and hopefully some management at Walmart who care about both of these kinds of people and anyone else who might have questions or experiences with Walmart. Walmart management is sorely lacking in interaction with these people. One of the biggest comanies in the world in both sales and employees.

You WILL need to register here in order to post. You need to give us an email addie and any name you want. You can get free email addies all over the place so if you're worried about people getting your info, get one of those and use it. You register by choosing any name you want and must reply to email sent to you to be registered. Do this only once.

I hope this takes off, there is a lot of things to talk about with Walmart. Make suggestions if you want a special subforum, like Walmart employees, or Walmart training or Walmart shopping.

Click here for forum.

There are just a couple of simple rules to follow. No cursing. No posting of names. If you have a complaint about something, don't use a name because these posts cannot be verified. You can use a store number or location. This isn't Facebook which is going downhill fast. We used to use message boards like this in the past before Facebook and it worked just fine.

Rule breakers will be warned then banned if they continue. This isn't sponsored by anyone so I make the rules. They are fair and I want this to be helpful to other people. Got a problem, just use Contact Us form on left menu.




Today is: Tue, Mar 31st